2023 Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is a package of legislation passed roughly once every five years which covers everything from crop insurance for farmers to healthy food access for low-income families. The bill is up for renewal this year.

We had the opportunity to learn about this vital piece of legislation and discuss what it means with Congresswoman Alma S. Adams, Ph.D., Representative of the NC 12th District, and Congressman Jeff Jackson, Representative of the NC 14th District. We also heard from Barbara Bleiweis, Mecklenburg Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor, and farmers Cherie & Wisdom Czar of Deep Roots CPS Farm. The Farm Bill 2023 Listening Session was moderated by Dr. Nicole Peterson, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Food Policy Council.

This was a joint presentation courtesy of Farmers Market Management Services, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Food Policy Council, North Carolina System Advocacy Coalition, and American Heart Association. 

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